Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Night of The Living Government" Coming To Destroy Your City and Your Productivity Soon

Watch this video with Andrew Klavan comparing Night of the Living Dead zombies with DC politicians. He calls it "Night of the Living Government" where he compares zombies who don't create anything but in fact devour people's flesh to our government who also does not create anything but devours our productivity and earnings. BUT the zombies are honest at least they don't go around telling people that it's good for them like the government does. Our government tells us that everything they do for us is for our own good. It's power versus our freedom. As Klavan so eloquently puts it: every $ that the government takes from you is more power for them and less freedom for you because that is a dollar you can't spend they way you'd like to spend it! WATCH OUT FOR THE 'NIGHT OF THE LIVING GOVERNMENT'.

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