Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama Does Not Defend Freedom Anywhere Much Less in Honduras

Why? Why? and why? Why isn't a President of the United States NOT defending freedom in Honduras? And why is he wanting to reinstall a known hard line leftist who was ousted by Honduran constitutional law? There's only one answer...he has found a soul mate in Zelaya the President that was ousted. The more Obama can surround himself with leftist power lusters the more he seems "normal" to confused Americans who probably don't want to believe that they've voted in a hardcore socialist. Obama's soul is peeking from under his White House aura - and all I can see is a leftist who does not defend freedom either at home with his Health care behemoth of a bill or our allies abroad. It's time to wake up America to what we have done to ourselves.

The U.S. revoked visas of four Honduran officials, claiming that a coup occurred there. But if they could travel, the Hondurans could educate Americans otherwise. So why are we trying to silence them?

...The Hondurans targeted are the very ones whose presence would be valuable to the U.S. if it means to understand the constitutional action that necessitated the removal of President Mel Zelaya on June 28. It followed the Honduran constitution to the letter, yet led to the crisis now in mediation talks.

Hondurans targeted include the chief justice of the Supreme Court and the speaker of Congress plus two other officials.

Visas would let them come to the U.S. to explain precisely what happened, getting the word out to the public. This is important. So far, the media and Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez have crudely defined what occurred as a "coup" and claimed Zelaya's removal was all about his left-wing orientation and revenge by the "ruling class."

In reality, Zelaya broke 17 Honduran laws classified as "high crimes." They included holding an unconstitutional referendum, defying the high court, whipping up mobs, taking Chavista cash, robbing the Central Bank and preloading computers with referendum "results" before the illegal referendum was even held.

Like the Stasi revelations in the wake of the Berlin Wall's fall, the information that's come out in the wake of the ouster must be aired, discussed, investigated and resolved. (READ AT IBD)

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