Friday, July 17, 2009

Government Run Health Care - Surely, You're Joking Mr. Obama

If anyone knows of any country that has instituted a National Health care plan which has worked - that is doctors can make a deserved good living and patients get the products they want in order to take care of their health then please email me...I would love to see a positive in this Obama Care baloney that he's foisting on us. Not only will we get BAD government care but we'll be paying through the teeth for it to boot. Now if that's not a toxic combination calling for a revolt I don't know what is! And talk about a power grab - this would be the biggest intervention of the government into private affairs EVER! Please show me where in the constitution it says that the President's role is to inflict himself between the doctor and the patient?

Paying For Reform: New data from a nonpartisan think tank confirm our worst fears about health care reform: The plans proposed by the White House and Congress will lead to economically ruinous tax hikes.

...Likely missing from their pitch will be the tragic cost it will mean for the economy once the huge new tax hikes to pay for it are in place. The House bill, for instance, is estimated to cost $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion over 10 years. To pay for it, the White House has proposed raising taxes by $544 billion, almost all on the "rich" — those in the top 5% of incomes.

That leaves a $1 trillion gap. Where will the rest of the money come from? The government claims it will be able to "save" that amount. But please name any government program that saves money over a private one. The only way government will save money is to ration care — that is, give you less medical care at lower quality. Is that your idea of reform?

...These new taxes will have a devastating effect on the economy. According to the National Tax Foundation, the top total tax rate on Americans — that is, state, local and federal taxes — will top 50% in 39 states.

Will entrepreneurs and small businesses expand and create new jobs if they know more than half what they earn will be taken by government? Not likely.
Two million jobs have been lost this year. If you think that, and 9.5% unemployment, is bad, wait till health reform passes.

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