Saturday, July 04, 2009

Why America Was The Greatest Nation Ever

July 4th is a special holiday for Americans because it reminds us that we are privileged to be able to live in a country where individual freedom is valued. But this freedom of each person to live his own life the way he sees fit has never been under greater threat than it is today with the leftist ideologues in Washington.

The reason we celebrate July 4th is because a tiny colony managed to throw off the yoke of tyranny from the most powerful nation at the time: England. But what do we have to celebrate today? We are plunging ourselves ever deeper into the mire of tyranny and subjugation as the tentacles of government stretch outward to engulf us the people in its rapacious grasp and lust for power.

Why have we allowed this to happen? Because we don't remember and appreciate that what has made us great as a nation is the idea of INDIVIDUAL liberty and a person's right to pursue his happiness as he sees fit. Western culture is the best because of the core values that we have, which are: Reason, individual liberty and science and technology

As Edwin A. Locke writes at
The result of these core achievements was an increase in freedom, wealth, health, comfort, and life expectancy unprecedented in the history of the world. These Western achievements were greatest in the country where the principles of reason and rights were implemented most consistently -- the United States of America. In contrast, it was precisely in those (third-world) countries which did not embrace reason, rights, and technology where people suffered (and still suffer) most from both natural and man-made disasters (famine, poverty, illness, dictatorship) and where life-expectancy was (and is) lowest. It is said that primitives live "in harmony with nature," but in reality they are simply victims of the vicissitudes of nature -- if some dictator does not kill them first

...Despite its undeniable triumphs, America is by no means secure. Its core principles are under attack from every direction -- by religious zealots who want to undermine the separation of church and state, and by its own intellectuals, who are denouncing reason in the name of skepticism, rights in the name of special entitlements, and progress in the name of environmentalism. We are heading rapidly toward the destruction of our core values and the dead end of nihilism. The core values and achievements of the West and of America must be asserted proudly and defended to the death. Our lives depend on them.

Let's assert today, July 4th, 2009, that we will defend liberty against encroachments from anyone and from any direction: This includes fighting against government control of our economy, education, and how we live our own lives. From every angle the past 100 years has seen a tremendous loss of freedom for Americans. We are told how to live our lives in every aspect imaginable. We are taxed for things that our Founding Fathers would take up arms against yet we meekly accept every transgression of government against the individual and our pursuit of happiness - from the ridiculous "cap and trade" bill that just passed in the House to the forthcoming climate change bill - we are being made slaves to the state.

Our children and their children will be in hock to the government who thinks they are better able to decide how each of us should live. Will we cry in the near future that what a shame for America, the land of the free and the brave, that it should have survived for barely 200 years with freedom? (READ
Edwin Locke at CapMag

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