Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama Is Steering America to A Profound Disaster

Beware fellow Americans...Obama will eventually lead us to disaster of one kind or another. His empty headed rhetoric, his ignorance of history, his apparent disregard for what America is and stands for and the disrespect and utter contempt he shows for our Founding Fathers is a recipe for bad, bad times ahead. Mr. Sowell thinks that if he ruins our country that will be the least of it...he's afraid that this man in the White House will cause or allow the nuclear arming of Iran and we know what their intentions are: destruction of Israel and the United States. How did we let this man in office? I ask myself that every evening when I try to get some sleep.

After many a disappointment with someone, and especially after a disaster, we may be able to look back at numerous clues that should have warned us that the person we trusted did not deserve our trust.

When that person is the president of the United States, the potential for disaster is virtually unlimited.

Many people are rightly worried about what this administration's reckless spending will do to the economy in our time and to our children and grandchildren, to whom a staggering national debt will be passed on. But if the worst that Barack Obama does is ruin the economy, I will breathe a sigh of relief.

He is heading this country toward disaster on many fronts, including a nuclear Iran, which has every prospect of being an irretrievable disaster of almost unimaginable magnitude. We cannot put that genie back in the bottle — and neither can generations yet unborn. They may yet curse us all for leaving them hostages to nuclear terror.

Conceivably, Israel can spare us that fate by taking out the Iranian nuclear facilities, instead of relying on Obama's ability to talk the Iranians out of going nuclear...

Like so many before him who have ruined countries around the world, Obama has a greatly inflated idea of his own capabilities and the prospects of what can be accomplished by rhetoric or even by political power.Often this has been accompanied by an ignorance of history, including the history of how many people before him have tried similar things with disastrous results. (READ AT IBD)

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