Tuesday, July 21, 2009

President Obama Are You A Wanna Be Dictator?

What better evidence than who Obama chooses to defend in Honduras. He presumes to want to uphold the rule of law but excuse me - defending a thug dictator like Zelaya and rushing to consult with Chavez a man who stole the elections in Venezuela? In his heart of heart all of his actions show that our President is far left of center. He swoons before dictators and other leftist thugs. Read O'Grady's column at WSJ.

When Hugo Chávez makes a personal appeal to Washington for help, as he did 11 days ago, it raises serious questions about the signals that President Barack Obama is sending to the hemisphere's most dangerous dictator.

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya (left) with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias.
At issue is Mr. Chávez's determination to restore deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya to power through multilateral pressure. His phone call to a State Department official showed that his campaign was not going well and that he thought he could get U.S. help.

This is not good news for the region. The Venezuelan may feel that his aims have enough support from the U.S. and the Organization of American States (OAS) that he would be justified in forcing Mr. Zelaya on Honduras by supporting a violent overthrow of the current government. That he has reason to harbor such a view is yet another sign that the Obama administration is on the wrong side of history.

In the three weeks since the Honduran Congress moved to defend the country's constitution by relieving Mr. Zelaya of his presidential duties, it has become clear that his arrest was both lawful and a necessary precaution against violence.

Mr. Zelaya was trying to use mob rule to undermine Honduras's institutions in much the same way that Mr. Chávez has done in Venezuela. But as Washington lawyer Miguel Estrada pointed out in the Los Angeles Times on July 10, Mr. Zelaya's actions were expressly forbidden by the Honduran constitution.

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